The radiator support for Peugeot 208 is a novelty in Brazilian market. In conventional injection molding process, the most commonly used materials are polyamide and polypropylene. Fastplas Automotive is the first to manufacture that part in Brazil with 40% long fiber glass.

The more fiberglass resin has, the more difficult is the process of transformation; PSA in France does not use these 40% long fiber glass, but still decided to produce that brand new part here. This has been a joined work for years, when the history of the two companies met at Peugeot 206. At that time, the model had undergone a number of upgrades, and Fastplas Automotive developed side skirts and appliqués on the front bumper for some versions. Then came the nationalization of the wheel housings, which brought the opportunity for Fastplas Automotive to provide its coatings.

Source : Autodata, edition 285 Text: Vinícius Romero