Using different technologies, materials, and processes, Fastplas Automotive allows customers the freedom to design parts with a high degree of complexity. It is always attentive to the function, quality, and economic competitiveness, ensuring its clients’ specific standards and requirements. Fastplas Automotive, as a leader supplier for outside / inside car products, offers a complete service for the automotive industry, developing its projects through Catia, NX, Mold Flow softwares, and it validates through Simulation and Testing. We are able to provide Model / Prototyping Construction and Tools, thereby forming the basis for the efficient process of product development.

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    Simulation and testing (virtual)

    The Simulation and Testing department is interconnected, extracting valuable synergies. The simulation and numerical results in short time meet the increasing customers’ request in terms of deadline, development time, and quality. For that step, we have experienced computer engineer teams to perform the various analyses: Rheological Simulation (Filling, Cooling, and Injected Molded Parts Warping), Implicit Simulation (Stiffness, Resistance, Modal Analysis and Thermal Loads, Dynamic Loads), Explicit Simulation (Impact, Traction, Compression, Bending).

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    Testing and Validation

    As any virtual modeling is only an idealized representation of reality, the implementation of prototypes and simulations are indispensable to determine the stress loads and material strength, functions and component useful life.

    For validation, dimensional and laboratory tests are performed. These tests include: environmental simulations, such as resistance to temperature, weather changes, sun exposure, mechanical strength, etc. For validation of the desired behavior, the products must be subjected to intensive testing of load analysis and expected stress over the component useful life. (For example: CAB SHAKE / HYDROPULSE – for these trials, we have execution channel with specialized laboratories in the market.)

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    Tooling and production resources

    The production of any component requires tools, means of production, and measurement and control devices. Fastplas Automotive works closely with partners and tool makers for mold and device manufacturing. Those companies are assessed by us to ensure we can offer the most competitive and optimized costs at every process and material.