012We have a liquid painting system which uses high performance polyurethane based paint. In our painting, we use electrostatic system which provides an excellent finishing on the parts. Our painting follows the automotive standards.



Several products are produced by Polyurethane using Reaction Injection Molding technology (RIM), offering more competitiveness in low and medium volume applications; they include: airfoils, protective spare tire covers, object holders, etc.


The process PUR R-RIM is used in the production of parts, painted or not, for internal / external use of all types of motor vehicles which require greater product structuring. The polyurethane material reinforced with fiberglass gives high quality products with lower initial investment in molds. Thus, it offers greater competitiveness when applied to vehicles with low to medium volume of annual production.


By Injection Process, we make finishing parts for internal and external use in cars, trucks, and agricultural equipment, and we have the ability to process different raw materials / processes, as follows:

• Double injection Suitable for products which require two integrated materials, usually one rigid and the other flexible; for example: Seal Cover for Vehicle Air Diffuser.

• Gas Injection – Suitable for products with mass relief in the nucleus; for example: side door handles of the vehicles.

• ITRFV (Injection of Thermoplastic Reinforced with Fiber Glass)  With this technology, we produce high complexity technical parts, such as: air intake manifolds for internal combustion engines, fuel distribution gallery, and engine covers (Beauty Cover), all of them in polyamide reinforced with fiber glass.

• ITRFVL (Injection of Thermoplastic Reinforced with Long Fiber Glass) With PP injection technology with long fiber glass ( 12mm), the uniformity is preserved in products that require high stiffness, with higher resistance to impact and high temperature.


It is used for joining two or more pieces through different processes: Ultrasonic Welding, Vibration, Rotation, and Hot Plate.


In general, the blow molding technology is used to obtain hollow pieces through air blowing inside the molds, being suitable for producing air ducts, seats, reservoirs, expansion tanks, among others.


The RTM technology is suitable for the production of large parts, such as truck high ceilings and aerodynamic deflectors. Moreover, it is also indicated for the production of parts which have low volume of annual production, as bumpers, running boards, panels, and grilles, applied in trucks, tractors, and agricultural machinery.

02The SMC technology is applied to the production of structural parts for cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, and trucks. Bumpers, front grilles, hoods, running boards, and fenders are produced with that technology. The SMC is also used in the production of trunk lids for cars with low volume production, replacing the steel plate and giving less investment, weight, cost, and longer durability.

usinagemWe offer our customers the product machining on CNC machines – 5 axis, as a guarantee for dimensional / quality for RTM / SMC products.